Vaga Open Hang gliding Championship 2015

National Championship in hang gliding is to be held in Vaagaa with the National Centre as base. The competition is scheduled to run from the 4th to the 11th of July with reserve dates 11-18 of July.
All Norwegian pilots with SP 5 rating and all international pilots with valid ratings are invited to participate. The competition is rated as CIVL Category 2. 
3D GPS required.
When the weather is right the conditions in Vågå is fantastic and we can make 100+km tasks in the mountainous terrain, crossing several valleys and plateaus. We 
have launches on every wind direction within a one hour drive. Landings are usually on the valley floor at almost sea level and one big field is normally within reach.
Check out this link to a thermal map. Pan up to Norway and find Lillehammer. Vågå is NNW of Lillehammer. 
The National Centre is open for accommodation, but the number of indoor beds is restricted to 10 so bring your own tent or camper/car.
There are several other options for accommodation, see menu. We try to make the buses at the centre available for transportation to start and for retrieval services.
Banquet will be held on the evening of the 11th of July, with dinner party and price ceremony.
The competition fee is 700 Norwegian Kroner, (about 80 Euro) including T-shirt. Pre-payments can be done to Tormod Helgesen Kontonr: 0539 49 65806 (Domestic only).
The banquet must be paid for separately. The fee does not include retrieval and accommodation.
For more information; contact Organizer Kjell Keogh: +47 480 41 059 or Scorer Tormod Helgesen: +47 995 88 604

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